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about our job Our team personally recovers and restores all the items that we sell. These restoration jobs sometimes take months to finish because we always try our best to respect 100% the originality and integrity of the material. Therefore, sometimes we need to locate some missing or superior parts all around the world. As result, we can reach the highest standard that we´re proud to offer to all our costumers and collectors. Internet has provided us with a platform for reaching many collectors who otherwise we´ll never be able to meet. However, we understand that a PC and writting emails can be very impersonal way of doing business. Bearing this in mind, we´re commintted to make a difference providing each costumer with a proffesional, personl and individual service.

naval Antiques

naval Antiques invite you to have a look into our shop, as well as into the restoration workshop where our experts refine all pieces that you can see in each different section. We think that it´s important that our costumers should know the process that a piece goes through so they can appreciate the magnitude of the process. Nowadays, the number of naval antiques available to the collector is less and less, so each one of them is treated with care and conscientiousness. We´re hoping to pass you on our passion for nautical collecting and we invite you to send us any advice so we can improve our services everyday.

Kind Regards. Naval Antique´s Team